Freeman School District self-funds a nearly $200,000 system upgrade
to 78,000 square feet of facilities ranging in age from 10 to 40 years.

The Client: Freeman School District, Rockford Washington
Buildings: High School (1957/1989) 50,948 sq/ft, Elementary (1971) 32,899 sq/ft, Junior High School (1989) 37,590 sq/ft
Scope of Work: Networked building automation on district LAN, lighting retrofit and replacement, lighting occupancy control, boiler restoration, new cooling system installed in library (paid for out of program savings), pneumatic control conversion to networked digital controls, ventilation improvements.

$19,251.00 $96,255.00 $129,903.00 134.9%

Comments From The District
From the Business Manager - "I appreciated the accuracy of the cost savings projections. We were pleased that the project was both a financial and educational success. Without the performance contracting approach, we would not have been able to afford the renovations."

From the Facilities Manager - "To manage good educational facilities for our district and our students, we need safe, comfortable energy-saving systems and controls. They showed us how performance contracting could completely retrofit our facilities and pay for the entire project out of program savings, and there are still funds left over to plow back into educating our students."

From the Superintendent - "I am glad for the financial savings, but even more satisfied that the district was able to make significant improvements to the learning environment. With older buildings in a rural school district, we had a significant need for better lighting and improved air quality. These are the kind of improvements a lot of school districts would like to make, but just cannot afford. Getting this done for students and staff on a self-funded basis is extremely satisfying for us all."

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